feedback from clients

"We've got loads of good material to work on as a result of the focus groups. I was particularly impressed with your facilitative style and you were able to extract some incredibly helpful reponses from attendees through careful questioning.
I am delighted that you were recommended to us for this project!"

Victoria Flint, Communications Director, The Health Foundation

"This is just a quick weekend e-mail from me personally to thank you for a very professional project. You certainly have given us something to think about!"

Richard Palmer, CEO, AES

"Thank you ever so much again - it was a great thing to do. And thanks for the update this morning, we're lucky you can't stop working on a project!!!
All looks great to me"

Clare Lewis, Marketing Director, Artsdepot

"Conker have spent time building a close relationship with our company - they were always able to deliver spot on research suggestions... perfect interpretations of briefs... detailed presentations... adding value by posing new directions... deliver both strategic and tactical plans... always reliable for quick turnaround when deadlines required fast responses"

Helen Kershaw, then Marketing Director, Bongrain ULN

"The research was very useful indeed, and the project is now being taken forward within the Group"

Caroline Segalin, Bongrain ULN

"Your write-up was terrific – very thorough and clear, and full of really useful quotes"

Justin Holloway, Dye Holloway Murray

"This is a really good piece of work, Catherine – thank you, especially for such speedy feed-back. I absolutely agree with your summary, and the nature of the observations you make are very helpful in terms of feeding into creative development"

David Green, Juice

"Thanks a lot to both of you! I have also very much appreciated our team work on this project and will definitely recommend to keep on working with you in the future"

Victoria Flint, Communications Director, The Health Foundation

"Just to say thanks for all your work and the fast turnaround. Great stuff"

Richard Shaw, Beagle

"I thought that the group discussions went really well. The respondents gave us loads to work with and were very positive and enthusiastic without being afraid to be honest - you had set up a strong platform"

Nigel Senior, iCSP

"Many thanks for the presentation. It’s an excellent report and covers all the elements"

Mark Nepstad, Communique 360

"Thank you. I found the results very interesting and they have sparked numerous helpful debates here"

Ken Gibson, Gee Publishing

"Thanks Cathy - for this and all your hard work. Much appreciated"

Hugh Salmon, The Salmon Agency

"Thank you very much indeed for all of your work on the new surveys"

Vernice Walkine, Bahamas Tourist Office, Nassau

"It's a pleasure to have been able to get your input, and I think the whole project is hugely better due to the external 'take' you've given us"

Bo Priestley, Consultant

"Looks very interesting - thanks. This is really helpful for tomorrow"

Michelle Dixon, Communications Director, The King’s Fund

"It's a really clear, well-written and very directional report, which is just what the client likes to see... Would you mind if I circulated this note and your report around the team?"

Julie Hindmarch, Leapfrog Research and Planning

"You have done a brilliant job"

Peggy Young, Consensus research

"Thanks so much for your very valuable help. Your analytical skills are excellent and your ability to pen the idea is creative and fast, I very much value your input"

Ellen Ryan, Consultant

"I wanted to say, brilliant job. The client is happy"

Roger Straus, Blackstone Group Global

"It's perfect, and I've already emailed it to the client and made my recommendations! Thanks for all your help and support"

Nina Bentley, Elliott Marketing and PR